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We operate from a state-of-the-art Production Facility, based out of Gujarat. We specialize in manufacturing premium quality products. We are well equipped with all the modern machinery and tools; it allows us to deliver on our commitments to you, on time, every time.
Following a decentralized approach, we have divided our infrastructural set-up into various divisions:

  • Processing
  • Procurement
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics


The company has a presence in more than 10 countries with an Export Division, dedicated to meet the requirements of our International clients. We deliver large volumes of Export Grade material in various species. Our material is highly appreciated, especially in the Middle East market.


Saw milling Facilities – In order to accommodate smaller runs and large orders of any size and penetrate deeper into the Indian timber industry, Azad impex extended into hardwood sawmilling. It has mills strategically placed in the timber hub of India. Though Azad Impex manages extensive hardwood sawmilling operations in majorly Gandhidham, Gujarat as it is the booming port with a wide network of commercial and industrial customers. The company is currently having an annual capacity of around 200,000 cubic meters providing lumber in vertical grain, mixed grain, or flat grain also sharpened rough, surfaced, edged or precision-milled to the exact given specifications are part of the core activities of the company.


Sawmilling Facilities – Azad Impex Pvt. Ltd. is comprehensively involved in sawmilling and retail of softwoods imported from New Zealand and USA. Offices in Delhi, Haryana & Gujarat, it has its state of the art sawmilling plants and warehouses for storage spread across the booming timber trading zones of India- Gandhidham, New Delhi and Haryana.
The company is showing an impressive growth in sales and has plans of substantial growth in years to come.
Its processing plants are benchmarked to their most efficient competitors in the world. The softwood volumes are operated, developed by skilled and experienced hands aided by advanced technology.

Our Company’s business philosophy

The reason for doing business is not profit. It is dedicated, expert and honest service to customers. Profit comes only as a result of providing this type of business to many satisfied customers.

Skills and technology are very important in the development of our business. However, the character and values of our people play even greater role. They determine the level of skills and technology we apply in serving our customers from day to day. They define the long term relationship of our company with its customers, suppliers and our own people. In the end, we believe that our competitive advantage in the market place rests not just on our products, pricing and technology, but on our corporate culture. We rise and fall with our culture in serving our customers better, faster and at less cost.

Environmental Policy

  • Timber is renewable, sustainable, recyclable, non-toxic, waste-efficient and bio-degradable.
  • We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by supplying products that last long.
  • Timber products supplied from us are sourced from the well managed resources and good practices.
  • Purchasing from proven sustainable sources ensures the world’s forests continue to be replanted and grow.
  • We recognize responsibility to its customers, suppliers and staff to base its activities on well-managed forests.
  • Ensure that staff, at all levels, are made aware of environmental issues.
  • Control and / or reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment.

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