Canadian SPF

Canadian SPF is ideal for residential and commercial construction due to it’s low cost and high strength to weight ratio.

Four species, White Spruce (Picea glauca), Engelmann Spruce (Pice aengelmannii), Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta), and Alpine Fir (Abies lasiocarpa) comprise the spruce-pine-fir species group. All yield high grade timber with relatively small, sound tight knots. Lumber produced from spruce-pine-fir Species is marketed together as SPF.

Canadian SPF is imported as lumber which is KD-HT and S4S.

We import into India various sizes of SPF Lumber, Like 235mmx38mm etc.


Southern Yellow Pine from USA

Southern Pine consists of four main species — shortleaf, longleaf, loblolly, and slash — and is the preferred choice for today’s design/build professionals. We are regularly dealing into both SYP logs and lumber from USA.

Southern Pine offers a distinct grain pattern and an appealing golden color. Because of its natural beauty, exposed Southern Pine provides architectural appeal.


European Sylvestris Pine

Sylvestris Pine, also known as Scots Pine, is imported from various parts of Europe Like Germany, Austria etc.

Color/Appearance: Heartwood is light reddish brown, demarcated sapwood is pale yellow to nearly white.

Grain/Texture: Grain is straight, with a medium, even texture.

Workability: Scots Pine is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Glues and finishes well.

Common Uses: Utility poles, posts, boxes/crates, flooring, paper (pulpwood), and construction lumber.

We are usually importing sizes like 68mmx118mm etc.

  • Sylvestris Pine
    Sylvestris Pine
  • Southern Yellow Pine
    Southern Yellow Pine
  • Radiata Pine
    Radiata Pine
  • SPY Lumber
    SPY Lumber
  • Radiata Pine
    Radiata Pine